"I'll Chew you Up, and I'll spit you out..." 
Because you are so beneath me, I won't even swallow. 

My Little Red Copperhead series of paintings and writing is about dealing with mental disorders and struggles with trauma, as well as finding strength in weaknesses. And sometimes, when facing issues like depression or PTSD, it can feel like you are being swallowed whole.

This is the listing for the ORIGINAL painting. It is done on heavyweight mixed media brown-toned paper, with a mix of watercolor crayons, markers, watercolors, colored pencil, and inks. It is in 9x12 size.

It is NOT FRAMED!!  If you want it framed, email me at rowannorthillustrations@gmail.com to discuss the additional framing price.

Bubblegum B!tch ORIGINAL Painting