• The newest set from Rowan North Illustrations is now released into the universe, in vibrant chameleon chromes! 

    This is part one of what is going to be a two-part set featuring 12 Zodiac-themed colors, all high-grade colorshifting pigments. I am in the process of sourcing my colors, and require funds to do so. In return, I am giving it a preorder discount!

    I hope to have this set shipped out AT THE END OF MAY. I will keep everyone updated if anything changes. 

    Constellations One- Handmade Watercolor Palette PREORDER!!

    • Why so expensive??

      The pigments I use in this set is not cheap, with some colors being priced at $20 for 1 gram of pigment (That is MAAAYBE enough for one half-pan of color, if I squint). It also requires me to buy in bulk, which can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

      I want this set to be as quality as possible, with the most vibrant chameleon chromes on the market. That is why the price tag is high. But don't worry!! A little goes a LONG, long way.