• This is a mixed set of 8.5x11 handmade paper. Each is a little different, some have more embeds than others. 


    In this set, you get 5 pieces. It is perfect for crafting! 

    This paper is 100% recycled from junk mail, magazines, packaging, and more. Because of this, there may be teeny bits of plastic or inconsistencies in the paper. The paper was mixed with small amounts of kaolin clay, wheat germ, gelatin, methyl cellulose, and other sizing agent. This helps its consistency and means it can hold color and art materials better. I would not suggest using it with a lot of water. 
    The paper may have different weights and thickness, depending upon the batch. 
    Each paper can include the following embeds: mica, alcohol ink, roses, hibiscus, other wildflowers, glitter, dry pigment, black tea,  coffee grounds.

    I do not suggest using any sort of wet material with this paper. It is best for crafting and using dry materials such as graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, etc. 

    Note!! Paper may vary from the photos.

    Handmade Recycled Paper 8.5x11 Set of 5- Mixed set