• Introducing my fourth official watercolor set, Jeweled Boughs!! 

    This set is full of sparkly, rich synthetic mica paints.

    During my time making paints, I have learned about the inhumane practices of the mica industry. Full of child labor and unsafe conditions, people are being mistreated for the sake of our beauty industry and sparkly paints. 

    While mica has other uses, such as in our electronics, there has to be alternatives in place for the things that aren't as necessary. Otherwise with supply and demand, people on the ground-level suffer. 

    Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of alternatives in place yet. The colors that synthetic mica offers is limited. I had to dig through a handful of different providers and mix and match to find something I like. However, as long as we continue to support the business of synthetic mica, hopefully more colors will develop. 

    I can only do so much as a starving artist to try to make a difference. This was my small way of drawing attention to the issues. I will, in the future, do all that I can to try to make sure things are sourced safely.

    For more info, please check out: https://responsible-mica-initiative.com/ 

    The colors in this set include:

    • Amethyst
      A vibrant purple, shimmering paint.
    • Citrine
      A glittering goldenrod yellow
    • Aquamarine
      A light blue-green glimmer paint
    • Emerald
      A rich, deep glimmering green
    • Ruby
      A strong cool-hued reflective red
    • Sapphire
      A sharp, rich pearly royal blue 


    The set also contains:

    • A pipette
    • 1 metal tin
    • Original artwork on the top of the tin
    • An instruction card
    • Magnetic bottoms to the pans


    Jeweled Boughs Handmade Watercolor Set

    • NOTE:

      Do not be fooled by its size! A half pan goes a long way!! This paint is heavily pigmented and will last you a LONG time!

      Color may vary slightly from photo to reality due to lighting conditions and monitor display colors.