• NOTE: THIS LISTING IS TO ORDER A CUSTOM SHOULDER WYRM ONLY.  The above wyrm(s) have already sold and gone to forever homes. They are being shown as examples.

    Ever wanted your own dragon? Now you can! Step into the hatchery and I will work with you to make your own shoulder wyrm poseable art doll! 

    These dolls have weighted bellies and chests and are made to sit on your shoulder. They have a heavy gauge of wire that makes them fully poseable. Their bodies are made with the mermaid reversible sequins, and felt for their belly scales. Their wings are felt. They feature real precious and semi-precious stones decorating their head, as well as hand-painted eyes.

    This listing is for the SMALL dolls, which are 2 ft in length with around a 20 inch wingspan. The listing for the large shoulder wyrms can be found here: https://www.rowannorthillustrations.org/product-page/large-shoulder-wyrm-custom-order

    Information I need for your custom order!

    1. Color (This is limited only by what mermaid sequin fabric I can find)
    2. Head shape (Do you want it more snakelike? Elegant? With an overbite? Asian lung styled? If you have any reference images close to the design you want, please send them!) 
    3. Mane/back fur or no mane/back fur
    4. Eye color
    5. Specific gemstones you want included? (If you don't have any specifically, I will order gemstones based around the color you want)
    6. Wing type (Feathered wing or bat wing)
    7. Timeframe you need this done by. (Rush orders have an extra fee that will be sent via paypal. Otherwise you will fall into order of who I get the orders from first.)

    If you want other additions such as larger wings or legs, additional fees will apply.

    Payment plans are available and require a $100 down payment to order the supplies with. Must be paid in full before shipping. 

    The work process goes in three stages, which I will work closely with you to fulfill: The pre-planning stage- where fabric and stones are selected and initial sketches are made for their headshape.  Then is the sculpting stage, which after it is sculpted I will review with you before baking. This includes painting of the eye and the painting and glazing of the head after baking. Finally it is the body stage, which is the longest stage: Where the body and wings are hand sewn. Each dragon takes about 20 hours to complete if I were to work without breaks or other work. 

    Thank you for your order, and I hope you are excited to bring this creature into your life and home!

    Small Shoulder Wyrms CUSTOM ORDERS!

    • Care for your Dragon

      Reminder that this is a work of art, not a toy and must be handled with care. If pieces break, email me at rowannorthillustrations@gmail.com and I can instruct you on how to fix it. I will not replace your dragon if mishandled. 

      If damaged during shipping, email me. I will review it on a case-by-case basis and work with you on a solution.