The mascot of my brand is the enfield, which historically was written to "have the face of a fox, the chest of a greyhound, the middle of a lion, the hindquarters and tail of a wolf, the talons of an eagle." Though in recent adaptions the enfield has become more of a winged fox. Throughout my time as an artist I've jokingly stated that I've had two "spirit animals", the crow and the fox. To this day they are still two of my favorite animals.

Done with mixed media- all the lines are done with pen, the tree was done with colored pencils, the sky is a mix of ink dripping and watercolor, the grass is watercolor and colored pencil. The fox is watercolor and colored pencil. The wings are cut paper colored with watercolor crayon and oil pastel. 

The print is high quality on heavy cardstock with a matte coating.

The Winged Fox 8x10 Print