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About Me
Illustrator Rowan North with one of her Poseable Art Dolls

My name is Rowan North. I am a freelance mixed media illustrator and a freelance art educator.  I studied Illustration and Art Education for three years at Southern Utah University. 

 Due to school competing too much with commissioned work I was already recieving, I stopped going to school in favor of starting my business and career. 

 Since then, I have worked nonstop on both client work and  personal projects. I attend conventions around the Utah area as an artist, vendor, and panelist, and teach workshops and private classes. 

  Being a "mixed media illustrator" means so much more than just painting-- it means bringing new dimension to work. I do not limit myself to particular mediums when it comes to bringing my visions to life. I use things such as clay, fabrics, gemstones, charms, bones, and so much more to create works of heart. 

 My ultimate goal is to inspire others-- help people be their best selves and live their dreams. I want to help people to both create and be brave enough to. 

Illustrator Rowan North dressed as a faun at Utah Winterfaire
Rowan North's art booth at a convention

Some of my client work includes:

 -Cover Artist for "Once upon and Through the Mountain" by Bryce Beattie, published by Immortal Works.

  - Illustrator for the Story Crossroads Newsletter

  -Graphic Designer for Story Crossroads
  -Cover artist and illustrator for "Shizukeza- A Ruku Karasu Story" by Ravyn Lee

  - Interior Illustrator for "Loss and Faith: Koldar's Origins" by Marc Beckstrand


-Silver medalist in FCCLA Recycle and Redesign category

-First place People's Choice in the LTUE 2020 Art Show

More awards pending

Want to contact me? Check out my "contact me" page found here.  To find information on my upcoming events, check out my Events page here

Rowan North's Illustrations at the LTUE Art Show
Rowan North's Illustrations logo

Want examples of my previous displays and a full list of my previous attended events? Please check it out here:

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