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    The Year is 2040. And life is normal. Well, as normal as it can get in the bayous of Springfield Louisana. The population is 516, with most of the town's makeup being tourists in the spring and summer wanting tours of Tickfaw River and the Cypress Swamps. It's quiet life, with campers in houseboats and cabins along the river and everyone else running tiny, old grocery stores and gift shops or living in the backwoods off the beaten path.

   But everything changed when a large family of tourists disappeared that summer. Their youngest daughter was found torn into pieces, staining the river red. They chocked it up to a Gator attack. Until the father was found in pieces, hanging from a cypress like a gruesome Christmas Tree. The mother's head was found days later nailed to a tree. Her body was nowhere to be found. The rest of the family is still missing.


 Suddenly the tourist population ran dry. And with it, the town's livelihood.

And now, there's you. Whether you are a paranormal investigator, a local, a hunter, or something else entirely, you want to get down to the bottom of this.

Welcome to the Tickfaw Files.

This was a series that ran on Twitch from January to August 2020. It has since ended. Look forward to future projects!

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